Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vacation in Pennsylvania

My parents, Lee Ann and I went to Pennsylvania for vacation. We went to Gettysburg, Kutztown, Lancaster, and Hershey. The trip was good.

We drove around the Gettysburg battlefield doing the auto tour until it started raining. The next day we drove to Kutztown for the folk festival. We spent several hours there looking through the booths. The next morning we drove to Intercourse. We took the 55 minute buggy ride that went through a covered bridge. The ride was nice and we looked through some of the shops in town.

Before driving to Hershey the next day, we went back to Gettysburg to Boyd's Country. Thomas Kincade was doing a signing. My parents bought a small print, had him sign it, and got a picture of my dad with Thomas Kincade. We drove to Hershey's Chocolate World afterwards. You can take a "tour" of the factory for free. There is now real factory. It's just a ride with some videos and smells to make you think that you're going through a factory. The cost of candy is reasonable though.

On the way up, we stopped at the Green Valley Book Fair. I was able to get several non-fiction books that I had been putting off. Among the books that I purchased was "Fooled By Randomness", "Made to Stick", and "Not Even Wrong". These books sold for $4 - $7.

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