Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eclipse Test and Performance Tools

I used the Eclipse Project's Test and Performance Tools for the first time. I needed it to help determine a problem I was having with network responsiveness for a project. After running the profiler, I was able to look at the execution time for the threads in a nice graph. The graph showed me where most of the time was spent by one thread. By modifying the run method, I was able to improve the performance.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Why Care About a Political Party?

Why do people care about whether or not a lives or survives? Paul Graham seems to have it right when he says that it's a part of someone's identity. The party is another form of religion. It's not just the GOP, but Democrats are the same way. Political party as an extension of religion is especially obvious in places like Iraq and Iran.

I don't care about any political party. They don't have anything to teach me about morality. Those that are in charge only care about furthering their own career.

I write this because it bothers me to see people talking about saving a the Republican party. Why does either party need or deserve saving? It's about change. It scares them. They wouldn't know what without the party machine to take care of them.