Thursday, July 16, 2009

Purchased Netbook

I purchased a netbook this evening. The one that I bought is the Gateway LT3103u. It comes with Vista. Vista works on it and I've installed F11 on it. I've not verified that Vista still works.

I used unetbootin to setup the USB drive with Fedora 11 i686 livecd. However, I did have a video corruption problem with the X that came by default with the F11 Live CD. I had to use Ctrl-Alt F2 to switch to a console and switch back to X via Ctrl-F1. The video would look better. I rebooted after the install and was able to get through First Boot where I was able to enter the user account and other things. After getting to X, I went to the console and run yum update. There's 284MB of updates installing now.

Other than the X windows having the corruption problems, it looks like everything else has just worked. Atheros wifi seems to be working. Sound works. The machine has a decent sized keyboard and lcd screen.

I'll post additional updates here.

Update: I've not been able to get the Atheros AR9285 wireless to work under F11 yet. I've installed the latest wireless drivers from So, I'm using the machine under Vista Basic most of the time. Vista Basic doesn't perform too badly. The machine does get a little warm, but overall it's a nice machine.

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