Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Baby

Our baby Marilla Larken was born on Monday Nov 2. She's spent some time in the NICU due to "breathing" the meconium. Mother and baby are doing well. Hopefully, they'll be coming home Thursday.

Update: Lee Ann is coming home Thursday night and Marilla will come home early Friday morning. Marilla was moved into the nursery after 4:00p on Thursday.

Update: Everyone is doing fine. Marilla came home Friday morning. We've had lots of vistors. Both sets of grandparents have been by to visit. Aunts, uncles, and cousins too. She slept pretty good through all of the Wii games being played and the running around of the two youngest boys.

Lee Ann had her week after follow up. The doctor said that everything was healing well. So everything is good to go for now. We're slowly becoming sleep deprived, but I've been told that comes with the territory.

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Updated Pictures: