Monday, January 28, 2008

Cat Plays Fetch

Our cat Mossy plays fetch. One of her favorite toys is a wire tie. (Plastic coated wire.) The video is 2.5MB.

Update: If you can't see this under windows you'll need to download and install ffdshow.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"The Two Party Swindle"

This is a good post discussing the our Two Party System.

And I dare say the Big Mess is not likely to be cleaned up, until the Republifans and Demofans realize that in many ways they have more in common with other Voters than with "their" Politicians; or, at the very least, stop enthusiastically cheering for rich lawyers because they wear certain colors, and begin judging them as employees severely derelict in their duties.

Until then, the wheel will turn, one sector rising and one sector falling, with a great tumult of lamentation and cheers - and turn again, with uninhibited cries of joy or apprehension - turn again and again, and not go anywhere.

Getting emotional over politics as though it were a sports game - identifying with one color and screaming cheers for them, while heaping abuse on the other color's fans - is a very good thing for the Professional Players' Team; not so much for Team Voters.