Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pics from Ohio and Niagara Falls

We went to Ohio and Niagara Falls the March 3 - 7. When we got to Ohio there was 3"-4" of snow on the ground. The snow melted on Monday when it was in the 60s F. When we left Ohio Wednesday there was some snow on top of the .5"-1" ice/sleet that had fallen the night before. There was ice on the trees from Ohio to somewhere in Pennsylvania. In Niagara, there was snow on the ground but none on the roads. The river was frozen below the falls.

The low value of the dollar makes going to Niagara expensive. One US dollar is about or less than one Canadian dollar. A meal at TGIF was $100CDN for 4 people that didn't order expensive dishes compared to other items on the menu. Fish & Chips, quesidilla, salad, and another chicken dish was ordered. The 4 soft drinks cost ~$16CDN.

Sleet/Ice falling in Independence, OH.

Sleet/Ice with snow on top the next morning.

Picture of a bird taken at Bird Kingdom in Niagara.

Driving on I-79 in Northwestern Pennsylvania on Friday. It wasn't very fun for about an hour.

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Quinn said...

Thanks for helping me remember why I left Pennsylvania James. Brrr!