Saturday, December 29, 2007

FoxNews NH Forum

Ron Paul is being excluded from a Fox News Republican forum in New Hampshire. This is fine since they're a business and get to decide what they want to do.

It really doesn't matter if they're supposed to be "Fair and Balanced." We already knew that they weren't. It only matters that they're being fair and balanced in their own minds when looking at the other stations like CNN. If you're the opposite of another entity, doesn't mean that you're any better than that entity.

Republicans and Democrats are different sides of the same coin. They're not really the yin to the other's yang. They're about consolidating power and doing what is best for their own power base.

After the Republican loss you would think that they would understand that America doesn't like where they're going. It's going to happen with the upcoming Va Senate race when they put forward Jim Gilmore as their candidate. Gilmore will be hammered by Mark Warner. Warner basically had to step in to fix the budget mess that Gilmore got us into.

Republicans don't really seem to have any fiscal control. Democrats might want to spend money, but at least they understand that they have pay for it in some manner. Republicans seem to want to spend and spend, but want to defer payment.

I love the following quote from this article:

The Finance Committee's top Republican, Charles Grassley of Iowa, said it was time for Democrats to abandon their "PayGo obsession," referring to the "pay-as-you-go" principle that tax cuts or spending increases should be paid for so as not to add to the federal deficit. With the "clean" AMT bill, "the Senate Democratic leadership seems to realize that the AMT should not be offset," he said.

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