Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cisco VPN on Fedora 6 & 7

Unfortunately, I have a need to access a network behind a Cisco VPN. I didn't really want to install the Cisco Linux VPN client. I found vpnc. There are rpms that can be installed using yum.

Here are the steps that I used to setup the connection. The assumption is that your logged in to your system as a userr and gnome is running.

You'll need the filename.pcf file, typically located in c:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\profiles

In Fedora, as root do:
yum install vpnc NetworkManagervpnc rdesktop

If NetworkManger is already running restart it.
service NetworkManager restart

If you don't have NetworkManager started do the following:
service NetworkManager start
service NetworkManagerDispatcher start

You should have a NetworkManager icon in the sys tray.
Left click VPN Connections->Configure VPN
Click Add in the VPN Connections box.

There should be a Create VPN Connection box.
Click Forward
Choose Compatible Cisco VPN client.
Click Forward
Click the "Import Save Configuration box "

You may get an error about TCP tunneling not being supported. I've gotten the same error and the connection still works.

In the Override username enter your username.
In the Optional tab, enter your domain name.
Click Forward, Apply, Close

Your connection should be setup now.

Left click the NetworkManager choose VPN Connections.
Choose the connection that you just started
Enter your password.
Enter the Group Password
Click connect.

The group password is typically encrypted in the pcf file on the line encGroupPwd. This password can be decrypted. The instructions for this are located here.

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