Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Global Warming and Science

This is an article that a friend passed along, Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts? What's interesting is the fact that most people seemed to think that the scientists are infallible. It's almost as if scientist is the Pope and what they say is true no matter what. Incredibly, it's as if science has become the new religion and you cannot question the leaders. Instead of the church locking up Galileo, we have Scientists wanting remove the credentials of others who oppose the global warming theory.

Here are some of the more interesting quotes from the Global Warming Story:

"Sadly, my experience is that universities are the most dogmatic and oppressive places in our society. This becomes progressively worse as they receive more and more funding from governments that demand a particular viewpoint."

"I was greatly influenced several years ago by Aaron Wildavsky's book "Yes, but is it true?" The author taught political science at a New York University and realized how science was being influenced by and apparently misused by politics. He gave his graduate students an assignment to pursue the science behind a policy generated by a highly publicised environmental concern. To his and their surprise they found there was little scientific evidence, consensus and justification for the policy. You only realize the extent to which Wildavsky's findings occur when you ask the question he posed. Wildavsky's students did it in the safety of academia and with the excuse that it was an assignment. I have learned it is a difficult question to ask in the real world, however I firmly believe it is the most important question to ask if we are to advance in the right direction."

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